Click here for an introduction as to the concept of 1Malaysia

That article is a supplement to this article. Anyways, back to the topic at hand, “What happened to 1Malaysia?” Many of us wonder if Barisan Nasional (BN) is still championing this concept after Malaysia’s 13th General Election (GE)

Prior to the election, BN used this as their catchphrase. The whole idea was basically to rally Malaysians together and preserve the thin fabric of unity holding Malaysians together

After GE 13, Utusan (a government owned Malay language newspaper) caused a nationwide controversy with it’s “What More Do The Chinese Want?” headline. BN was obviously disappointed with the fact they did so much yet did not get the votes of the Malaysian Chinese. But of course nothing justifies the use of such insensitive remarks

After that fiasco, Perkasa and ISMA had their fair share of moronic statements (e.g. ‘ban malay bibles’, ‘what are the non-muslims’ contribution to the nation?’). Mind you, BN over the past few years have financially contributed to Perkasa and ISMA’s cause. The fact that happens doesn’t reflect very well on our supposedly moderate Prime Minister

So a year after GE 13, the question on the minds of Malaysians is, “What happened to 1Malaysia?” Was our PM just fooling around with the idea of racial unity in order to get votes? If he is still serious about maintaining racial unity, he needs to come down hard on any organisations/individuals spewing racism and religious extremism

Make an example out of those quarters and let the whole world know that Malaysia DOES NOT tolerate racism & religious extremism!

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