This article is in response to the recent viral video about an accident which turned into road rage and eventually evolved into racial discrimination

Incase you did not watch the video, it started off with a young woman yelling at an elderly man for knocking into her brand new Peugeot 208. She demanded that he pay her right away for the damage caused as a result of the accident

She then snatches away the keys to his car (presumably to prevent him from escaping) and then proceeds to release the fury welled up within her by hitting the bonnet of the elderly man’s car using a steering lock

It probably didn’t occur to her that by doing so, she might face criminal and civil charges. What was important at the time was to teach the old man a lesson!

The elderly man then tries to explain that it was unintentional but the young woman was extremely convinced that he intended to knock her car from behind (refer to 00:00:15)

The man then tries to defuse the situation by volunteering to pay for the damage done to the woman’s car. At this point, most drivers would exchange information and be on their merry way or head down to the police station to file an official report (in which the money for repairs will be forked out by the insurance company)

The elderly man’s efforts are in vain as the girl is still unsatisfied and demands RM2,000 from him. You may be wondering, ‘RM2,000 for a slight bump?’ Maybe the sum included compensation for the ’emotional distress’ she sufferer. It’s not everyday your car gets hit by another person. One might as well capitalise on the opportunity

After it becomes apparent that his efforts are unfruitful, the elderly man takes a more firm stance and tells the woman not to be rude. What does the young woman do next? She adopted the role of a racist on top of her then role of a a road bully

From 00:00:52 onwards, the woman said something along the lines of “you think you are Chinese that you are bigger and better than us!” This, ladies and gentleman, is the product of racial indoctrination!

After years and years of hearing that the Chinese are economically better than the Malays (it is true to some extent but it is NOT true in all circumstances) as well as other half-truths and/or lies, one develops the under-siege mentality and starts being paranoid

Is it then a surprise that the young woman thinks the elderly man did it (knock her car) on purpose? In actual fact, there is nothing racial about the original incident! It was a minor accident in which the elderly man was in a wrong. What does his race have anything to do with it?

The young woman then openly declared again that the old man had the intention to knock into her car (this was probably caused by her delusional state of mind)

At 00:02:12, the young woman roughly said “tak, dia cina, saya tahu dia punya intention” (no, he’s Chinese, I know his intention). So because he’s a Chinese, he had an intention to knock the girl’s car? Wow! Talk about stereotyping Malaysian Chineses!

Isn’t there a pepatah Melayu (Malay proverb) that says ‘malang tidak berbau’? It basically means that unfortunate things/events are unforeseeable. The accident mentioned above definitely falls within the ambit of an unfortunate event which could not have been foreseen by either party

The bright side to such an appalling event is that the majority of Malaysians are uniting against racism. Many (except for the driver of CDM 25 and a few others) refuse to turn it into a ‘Malay vs Chinese’ thing

Still, racial indoctrination has to stop in order that detestable events (such as the one mentioned above) remains a one-off thing!

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