Are Christians True Followers Of Jesus?

This article is in response to the seminar at UiTM in which Indonesian lecturer Insan L. S. Mokoginta gave 10 reasons why Christians should be Muslims

He said that, “Christians are betraying God unless they convert to Islam” and that “Every Jesus follower should enter Islam, if not it would be a betrayal to Jesus” (hence, the title of the article). He made some pretty bold statements which shall be critiqued

When I Google searched his name, I found out he wrote a book entitled, “101 Bukti Yesus Bukan Tuhan” (101 Proofs Jesus Isnt God). That link leads to the very points he brought up in his book. An interesting read but pointless nonetheless. He uses the Quran as well as cherry picked Bible verses to amplify his point that Jesus is but a mere prophet

In my article “Jesus: The Son of God or God?”, I provided the ultimate rebuttal to his points based on the Bible. What I dont get is, how can one use the Quran and say it is proof Jesus was not God? Of course the Quran will say Jesus is not God because it advocates that Jesus is a prophet sent by Allah

If I were to use the Bible to dispel the claim that Muhammad is a messenger from God, I would succeed as no verse in the Bible talks about Muhammad, his birth, his coming, the revelations, etc. Just because the Quran believes Jesus is a prophet, this doesn’t make the Christian’s belief preposterous. The Muslims can believe what they want, but let the Christians believe what they want as well

Using the Quran and cherry picked Bible verses as proof Jesus that is not God is like using Brunei’s hudud laws to support a claim that a person who committed adultery (a.k.a zina) in Britain is guilty & should be stoned to death/flogged 100 times. This makes absolutely no sense! If I have the time, I so go through the 101 points and rebut them all!

“Citing passages from the Bible, Insan also listed 10 examples to support his argument, including a verse in the Book of Leviticus, from the Old Testament, which allegedly forbids the consumption of pork as pigs are
“unclean.” Again this issue has been addressed by yours truly in my article: “Is It Wrong For Christians To Eat Pork?”

Instead of going around claiming Christians are not true followers of Jesus, perhaps Insan L. S. Mokoginta should start reading my articles and other articles out there that have adequately addressed these recycled allegations.

“Islam is the only “true religion” acknowledged by Allah, he added.” This is quite a ridiculous statement to make. Of course Allah would say Islam is the only true religion. Just like the Bible says Jesus is the only way to heaven and how Buddhists believe in karma and reincarnation

Each religion has its own sets our belief. It is not right to say, “mine is right and yours is wrong because my holy book says I’m right.” It’s time to wake up from your delusional slumber Mr Insan L. S. Mokoginta!

Will There Be More Christians Than Muslims In Malaysia by 2100?

The article by a NGO which says by 2100 the Christians would outnumber the Muslims in Malaysia

This has to go down as one of the most preposterous articles I have ever read. I am flabbergasted as to how Muafakat even got such statistics

Statistics are only accurate if the research was done properly. In this case, was any research even done?

Mr Abdul Karim Omar rightly pointed out that currently, Christians make up around 10% of the population of Malaysia. Meanwhile, the Muslims form more than 60% of the entire Malaysian population

How is it even possible that by 2100 there will be more Christians than Muslims?

Theory 1: The existing Muslims will convert to Christianity. Oh wait, it’s illegal in Malaysia to propagate any religion to the Muslims. Furthermore, it’s close to impossible to convert out of Islam (in Malaysia at least)

Theory 2: There will be an influx of Christians in Malaysia. Using statistics from IndexMundi, as of July 2013, there were about 2,696,184 Christians and 17,895,549 Muslims (figures rounded up based on a total population of 29,628,392).

Assuming there are 44,827,758 Malaysians by 2100 and the number of believers of other religions do not increase and there is only an influx of Christians, we’re talking about 15,199,365 Christians migrating to Malaysia in 9 decades (the percentage of Christians and Muslims in Malaysia would be exactly 40% as claimed by Mr Abdul Karim Omar). Thats around 168,882 people per year

Seems not a lot? Do take into account that since we achieved independence 56 years ago, there are only 2,696,184 Christians. On average thats about 48,146 new Christians per year.

And still we havent taken into account the fact that the Muslim population as well as the number of believers of other faiths will increase with time. Mind = blown. It’s close to impossible for this scenario to happen

Based on my simple calculations, I can already conclude that it would be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for the situation mentioned by Mr Abdul Karim Omar to happen. Then again, I’d love to see the statistics based on his alleged research. That would definitely help me reach a more accurate conclusion