Fear Not Amendments to/Repeal of the Sedition Act

In his speech at the National Ummah Unity Convention, held on the 25th of August 2019 at KL International Hotel, Mr Aminuddin Yahya, Chairman of the Gerakan Pembela Ummah (UMMAH),[1] inter alia listed 7 threats being faced from UMMAH’s perspective. The full transcript of the speech, in the national language, can be found on UMMAH’s Facebook page.[2]

For summary purposes, the 7 threats translated into English are as follows:

Threat 1: Liberalism Movement

Threat 2: Christianization

Threat 3: Human Rights Movement

Threat 4: Movement To Amend Laws

Threat 5: A Critical Economy

Threat 6: Extremist Movement

Threat 7: An Uncertain Future

This article intends to respond to a certain point made in relation to Threat 4 (i.e. Movement To Amend Laws). According to Mr Aminuddin, amendments to laws and policies such as the Sedition Act, the National Culture Policy,[3] and the abolition of the death penalty, if successful, would continue to the marginalize the position of the Royalty, the Malays, and Islam.