Recently ISMA put its foot in its mouth when its president Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman said non-muslims “should be thankful that they have more than what
they need in this country”. “I don’t see what their contributions are for them to be given so many privileges in the first place,”

He issued that statement because the non-muslims opposed the plan to implement hudud. Rudely put, what Mr Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman said is, “Non-muslims should keep their mouths shut because they have not contributed to the nation” (as per

Regarding the contributions of non-muslims, summed it up pretty well. I however, would like to add a few thoughts of my own

Firstly, any Malaysian educated about our history will be able to tell ISMA that every race has contributed to the nation. The British would only let us taste independence if Malaya could get all the races to unite. Does ISMA really think that if the non-muslims did not support the idea of independence that we would be able to celebrate our 57th independence this year on the 31st of August? Nay I say!

Furthermore, what is embarrassing for ISMA is, after their racially insensitive statements, Dr Mahathir unloads on them saying that their statements only hurt the country. When will ISMA realise that they are in a delusional world? Together with Perkasa of course (

Lastly, what is even more epic is the fact that ISMA said non-muslims must continue to pay taxes but should just leave the Malays and Muslims to run the country. Isn’t that an acknowledgment of a contribution of non-muslims to the nation?

The tax paid by non-muslims are the very money used by the Government for development, paying the salaries of civil servants, as well as funding certain pro-Government NGOs (ahem ahem). Therefore, ISMA’s statements are non-sequitur and oxymoronic to say the least

Dear ISMA, perhaps instead of coming up with statements that accurately reflect your intellect, you should focus on how YOU can help contribute to the nation. Just for the record, racially insensitive statements DOES NOT contribute to the betterment of the nation!  

Alas I conclude, “ISMA, you screwed up”